Frequently Asked Questions

MACADI is a word that incorporates letters of special meaning to me. Although the meaning is personal to me, the name MACADI is a guarantee that their custom gold and silver creations will be handled with the utmost respect, attention to process and confidentiality. To my clients, MACADI means trust.

WHAT IS "Repurposed Elegance"?
It is an artistic philosophy that all materials have the potential to be beautiful and meaningful. It is a commitment to the environment, to reduce the impact of the fine jewellery industry on our planet. Repurposed Elegance is a tradition of keeping family heirlooms current, stylish and proudly worn for generations to come.

MACADI currently has two full time Goldsmiths Mandy and Sarah.
Mandy, MACADI's owner is a trained goldsmith with over twelve years at the bench. Mandy also holds a B.A in Visual Arts as well as a Gemologist Diploma from the Canadian Gemological Association. She has been designing and creating jewellery for Elora since she opened MACADI in 2007 and has quickly become the premier jeweller in Centre Wellington. Mandy's craftsmanship, flowing designs and integrity have made MACADI a destination.
Sarah is a bench trained goldsmith with fifteen years on the bench. She holds a Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America and has designed jewellery in Canada's premier manufacturing house. Sarah also teaches in the Jewellery and Metals Technician program at Georgian College in Barrie, where she instructs up and coming jewellers in fabrication, sketching, gemology and computer jewellery design.

The process starts when you book an appointment with Mandy or Sarah. You can do this by phoning the store, sending an email, or stopping in on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday to set a time. On the day of your appointment, we ask that you bring all of the items you may wish to repurpose, appraisals or documentation pertaining to those items, and any ideas, sketches, photos or inspiration you may have. Then we will inspect, photograph, weigh and list each item for your records and show you how they might be repurposed into the perfect jewellery for you.
We start with several sketches, to help you visualize the new piece and then you choose your favorite option so we can do a cost estimate. If you approve the estimate, we take a deposit of 50% and proceed.
If you are having difficulty visualizing the piece we can help out with models, detailed drawings and samples. Often we will meet with a client several times to discuss details during the process.

Our turnaround on custom orders is 6-12 weeks. The jewellery industry was once a heritage craft where long deadlines were standard. Internet shopping, machine production and overseas sourcing has pushed traditional goldsmiths towards unrealistic 3-4 week deliveries. We have found that working to this pace means cutting corners, and we have made a decision not to do this. We take the time to make (and sometimes remake) your jewellery properly. Pieces are made on site, by hand and to the highest standards. We hope you won't mind the wait, but we know you will love the piece and see the quality and care that went into it.

Yes! We have periodic appraisal clinics in the store. Although we are both certified to identify gemstones, appraisals are a very specialized document that require yearly recertification and specialized courses. Having an independent appraiser also reassures our clients that our pricing is unbiased and reflective of fair market value.
You may make an appointment to have your jewellery appraised while you wait during one of our clinics. There is a deposit required to reserve time with the appraiser.

Only on MACADI pieces. We approach fine jewellery as an art form and a creation. Jewellery repair and restoration is a specialized field, best left to those who focus primarily on this. It is also risky to repair jewellery made by another goldsmith as we don't know the provenance or history of the piece. We can repair our creations because we are familiar with each solder joint and every curve of the piece.

We do not offer returns on our pieces. You are able to exchange your piece within 30 days of receipt.

We do not warranty stone damage, breakage or loss. You may have your jewellery appraised and insured for loss, damage or theft.
We offer a warranty against any manufacturing defects. We must see your piece to determine a manufacturing defect. Once another jeweller attempt to work on your MACADI piece our warranty is void.
You must provide a receipt of purchase for items being sent in for Warranty work. Shipping charges may apply.